Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sam wolfe connelly

Born: october. 20. 1988
Education: Savannah College of Art and Design
Location: DC/SavannahGA



Wednesday, October 5, 2011

visual metaphors

Juxtaposition, these two images are connected because they normally are associated together. 

 juxtaposition, this image shows opposition because the hands are trapped by a symbol of liberty. 

 replacement, the worm like creatures coming from the pot, show opposition, this food that is usually associated with health, and well being is now replaced by worms showing it as being dangerous, potentially giving the person eating it giant tape worms. 

 jusxtaposition,  these images are associated because  buildings are usually pictured when referring to pollution. 

 Fusion, these dissimilar images show opposition because band aids are for helping wounds hell, and cigarettes are cancerous, and bad for you. .  

 Fusion, these two objects are similar today because alot of our clothing comes from china, so there is a connection in the imagery. 

 Fusion, there is a similarity in these images because we are used to associating nudity with the what lies under the skin.

Fusion, the image of a man with the texture of a basket ball shows definite opposition, they are very dissimilar objects. 

 Fusion, the image of a bra covered with pictures of models shows similarity between objects. but the text is there to remind you that it is someones daughters bra. so there is slight opposition created in the image, by the text added. 
  Juxtaposition , opposition definitely, bears don't normally eat flags and get hit by miniature shopping carts. 


verbal metaphors

Target      Source     Ground   Tension   Conceit. 

My brain's a cliff and my hearts a bitter buffalo.            similarities, the brain is the top point of a human and a cliff is also a point of height.             tension, these things aren't really alike at all.

 it makes the reader think the brain as a desolate place.          

My brain's the burger and my hearts the coal.                         Similarities,  the heart is the driving energy force of the body, and coal is used as a form of energy.           tension, once again these objects aren't similar. 

 the brain is a chunk of meat, without much use: and the heart is where the energy comes from. 

My Brain's the weak heart and my hearts the long stairs.    Similarities, ......?
                                                                                              tension. there is an interesting effect when the brain and heart are compared.
the brain is exhausted.

Everyone's a building burning, with no one to put the fire out.        people aren't buildings

all of these metaphors drew my attention to the stark since of lonesomeness and eerie comparisons.
the juxtaposition of different body parts as adjectives make the reader reconsider their own body, and feelings.